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Personal Care

elderly woman taking a bath with her caretaker

As much as possible, most seniors would like to live in the house which they have grown to love rather than be placed in a home away from family. But living at home could be a difficult task because of factors such as physical changes brought about by their aging and the lack of supervision by other family members because of work and other responsibilities that constrain their time. It is in this aspect that Sublime Home Care Services comes to the rescue for these seniors and give peace of mind for families as well.

Our personal care services will help them experience full assistance in their daily activities at home and at the same time, allow them to enjoy independence as much as possible. We have a transformative approach to care which we render to our clients, such that we engage the elderly to experience meaningful interaction so that it can boost their holistic development especially that they are in the twilight years of their life.

How Can We Help?

Our wide range of services is perfect for any seniors who have different needs at home. You can be assured that each service seeks to maintain respect and dignity of the elderly who are under our personal care. Our personal care services can range from, but not limited to:

  • Hygiene and Personal Grooming

We will be of assistance to our senior clients so that they can be well-dressed and presentable. We do this with regular and proper grooming and hygiene. We will see to it that safety is a priority in assisting our clients as they use the bathroom, and certain grooming pieces of equipment like scissors, electric shavers, and whatnot.

  • Positioning

To let our senior clients be in their best forms yet is to encourage them to be active and mobile all the time. With the assistance of our staff, you can expect your elderly loved ones to remain active with safety and comfort in mind.

  • Incontinence Care

Our staff is trained to be sensitive to the care needs of an incontinent elderly. You can depend on dignified assistance during toileting, such that your loved ones will be kept away from threats of skin infection, hygiene issues, and unpleasant odors as much as possible.

Talk with our customer service specialist today by calling 403-402-2856. We will be ready to work up services that could best address your significant other’s unique needs.

caregiver hugging elderly patient in a wheelchair
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